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Joseph Crowe

Speaker Baffle No.2422 for Purifi PTT6.5 and TW29BN-B

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  • 3D CAD file for baffle 
    • .STL format 
    • .Step format 
  • Accommodates Purifi PTT6.5 woofer 
    • Rear mount for clean appearance 
    • Clamped with washers (see photos) 
  • Accommodates  TW29BN-B 
    • ES waveguide curvature 
    • Rear pocket for surround
      • Covers 50% of the surround 
    • Wood clamp bar (drawing attached) 
    • x3 locating dowels for tweeter alignment (see photos) 
  • Designed for the avid DIY enthusiasts 
  • Allows for CNC machine or 3D printing 
  • Crossover and cabinet design not included (have fun doing yourself!)