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Joseph Crowe

ES-2000 Biradial Wood Horn 3D CAD Model

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The ES-2000 Biradial Wood is the smallest biradial offered.   It uses the same technology as the larger horns with the addition of foam pockets on the backside of the horn to fully absorb the sound wave coming off the horn mouth.  This further reduces edge diffraction off the horn mouth and improves the off-axis frequency response.  

Product Details 

  • All funds in CAD Dollars 
  • Price is for 3D CAD Files (.iges format) to be email after purchase (Automatic)
  • PDF drawings for reference 
  • CAM Setup Sheet 
  • 1" throat 
  • 28 Degree (14 degree half angle) throat 
  • High Flare rate design for small format compression drivers 
  • Exponential Curvature for extremely low resonance 
  • Rear mounting ring for mounting driver 
  • Fits most 1" compression drivers (76mm Bolt Circle Diameter) 
  • Low Frequency Cutoff: 2kHz 
  • Suggest Solid Hardwood Construction 
  • Rear mounting ring made from 6mm thick baltic birch plywood 
  • Requires Precision CNC machining such as the AVID Benchtop Pro or equivalent