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Joseph Crowe

ES-1600 Biradial Horn No. 1426 for BG NEO3 --- 3D CAD Files

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive via email the 3D CAD files required to make the ES-1600 Biradial horn No. 1426 specifically designed for the BG NEO3 planar transducer.   The 3D CAD files can be used for 3D printing or CNC machining.  Please note that the plan does not include the CNC machine programing (g-code), although this can be quoted (please contact

Shown below is the predicted frequency response (see red line) based on our testing of other similar horn/driver configurations.  We have not officially tested this horn and driver combination.  


  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • 3D CAD Files in .step, .iges, and .STL file formats 
  • PDF Assembly Drawing 
  • ES Curvature for low reflection/edge diffraction 
  • 1.6kHz low frequency cut-off (Fc) 
  • 264mm wide x 190mm high x 85.5mm deep