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Joseph Crowe

E-800 Biradial Wood Horn for Altec 604-8G Coaxial Driver

Wood Material
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Inspired by the classic Yuichi A-800 AL Wood Horn, this custom made to order horn is CNC machined from a solid block of hardwood for ultra precise fit and finish.  This horn expands upon the already great Yuichi design by creating a more blended transition from the throat to to the horn mouth.  The curved corners on the horn mouth improve the overall appearance.  This helps reduce any abrupt physical changes in the horn flare geometry.  

  • Price in CAD Funds 
  • Price is for one PAIR of horns 
  • Shipping calculated at checkout 
  • Allow 3-4 weeks lead time for construction 
  • Horn constructed in two halves (see video) which are precision dowel aligned during assembly 
  • CNC milled for precision horn flare geometry 
  • Sanded +stained with danish oil (or other) 
  • Please specify hardwood during checkout