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Joseph Crowe

Circular Baffle for Fostex FE108EZ Drawing Plans

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Included in these plans are the PDF drawings used to make the circular Baffle.  I also include the 3D solid model file (.iges format) to use in making on a CNC machine or 3D printer.  

Circular Baffle 

For the White Paper click Here.

The circular baffle is used to significantly improve the performance of the popular Fostex FE108E Sigma full range driver.   The circular baffle works by gently transitioning the sound waves away from the driver which wrap around the to the rear of the baffle.  The baffle features my ES (Exponential Spiral) geometry which progressively becomes a smaller radius as the sound wave propagates away from the driver.  The ES geometry is also used on the wood horns and has found to perform extremely well. 

Performance Improvements 

  • Shorter impulse response 
  • Wider off-axis coverage 
  • Smoother frequency response 
  • Shorter waterfall decay plots 

Subjective Listening Improvements

  • Improved low level detail retrieval 
  • Wider Soundstage 
  • Increased dynamic range