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Joseph Crowe

Cabinet Plans for Lii Audio Fast-8 Fullrange Driver

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These plans are for the Lii-Audio FAST-8 Fullrange Driver.  Details on this driver can be found here
  • All funds in USD currency 
  • Assembly and detail drawings (PDF Format) 
  • Internal deflectors to direct rear wave into a column of acoustical damping material (Mass Loaded) 
  • Avoid 'boxy' sound by elimination of rear acoustical wave 
  • Retains midrange clarity similar to open baffle 
  • F3 low cutoff of 42Hz 
  • Dado corner joints for strength and ease of assembly/glue-up 
  • Mounting features for electrical terminal connections
  • Fasteners detailed out in drawings 
  • Designed to accommodate CNC manufacture or manual methods
  • Nested layout of all panels on plywood sheet for ease of CNC programming and to ensure good use of material on standard plywood sheet (customer to specify plywood sheet size)


  • Baffle Step Compensation Circuit Design (can be quoted as separately)
  • CAM Programming and G-code creation (can be quoted separately)
  • ES-800 Biradial Horn (can be quoted separately)