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Joseph Crowe

Cabinet Plans for AER Mark One Fullrange Driver

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Special Note (April 28, 2022): We have a specially developed passive crossover for the AER BD3-B that really improves the already great sound quality of the driver.  We've added some mild baffle step and a notch filter at 1kHz and 10kHz.  The driver sounds more balanced and enjoyable!  Please inquire on this special project at

These plans are for the AER Mark One Fullrange Driver.  Details on this driver can be found here.
  • All funds in USD currency 
  • Assembly and detail drawings (PDF Format) 
  • Internal deflectors to direct rear wave into a column of acoustical damping material (Mass Loaded) 
  • Instructions on where to place damping material and how much. 
  • Avoid 'boxy' sound by elimination of rear acoustical wave 
  • Retains midrange clarity similar to open baffle 
  • F3 low cutoff of 36Hz 
  • Dado corner joints for strength and ease of assembly/glue-up 
  • Mounting features for electrical terminal connections
  • Fasteners detailed out in drawings 
  • Designed to accommodate CNC manufacture or manual methods
  • Nested layout of all panels on plywood sheet for ease of CNC programming and to ensure good use of material on standard plywood sheet (customer to specify plywood sheet size)


  • Baffle Step Compensation Circuit Design (can be quoted as separately)
  • CAM Programming and G-code creation (can be quoted separately)
  • ES-800 Biradial Horn (can be quoted separately)