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Joseph Crowe

Cabinet Diffusor No.1897

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive via email the 3D CAD file required to 3D print the diffusor. 

How it Works

This diffusor is place on the rear wall inside your bass cabinet. The diffusor works by deflecting the rear wave from the driver. The deflector's unique shape has been optimized to scatter the rear wave. This scattering effect diffuses the rear wave's energy which reduces the amount of energy escaping back through the driver's cone. 

Sound Quality 

By reducing the amount of acoustical energy returning back through the driver cone, you can expect improve clarity and sonics. 


The design is offered in four physical sizes depending on your application. The pentagon shape uses the ES curvature to ensure optimal randomness to the diffusion angle. The shape has been optimized for 3D printing with the diffusor laying flat down on the 3D printer bed. A 5mm diameter hole facilitates a standard wood screw for mounting the diffusor to the rear wall. This is standard for all size variants. 

Included with the plans are four size variants:

  • 188mm 
  • 145mm
  • 115mm
  • 90mm


Click on the image below to see the dimensional drawing for each size. The dimensions include side wall fitment inside the cabinet as well as the required hole diameter to fit the diffusor into the cabinet, assuming the cabinet is already built. 


  • Funds in USD currency 
  • .STL and .Iges file formats 
  • Automatically emailed after purchase (zipped folder)