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Joseph Crowe

Beta Horn No.1929 --- Exponential Spiral Multicell

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Available to the DIY community for experimentation purposes.

Sound quality is not implied or suggested! 

Feedback welcome! If you have test data or listening impressions please share with me either directly or on social. If you publish on your social, please be sure to mention that it is an experimental horn, with design credit to Joseph Crowe Custom Audio Products. 

The 3D CAD file is free! However if you'd like to show your appreciation you can add a tip at checkout. 


  • 19.2cm x 19.2cm mouth x 8.9cm deep 
  • 1" throat 
  • 76mm hole spacing (6.2mm diameter blind holes x 25mm deep)
  • 1.1kHz Cutoff Frequency (Fc)
  • Crossover can likely be as low as 1.1kHz due to the large mouth area. 

The back of the horn has blind holes to align the compression driver. Screw in the studs on the compression driver and install onto horn. This is for alignment only and does not secure the driver. Use a clamp bar or tape to secure the driver. (this is experimental)