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Joseph Crowe

3D Printed Pair of No.1931 -- ES Front Horn for GRS PT6825 Planar Tweeter

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  • 3D printed pair of horns in PETG, 60% fill, 6 wall.
  • Printed to order, customer must specify color. 
  • Includes rear covers 
  • Lead time 2 weeks 

To browse available colors please see our filament supplier here

For DIY purposes only, please contact for commercial licensing. 

The ES Horn No.1931 is a 500Hz Fc horn specifically designed for the GRS PT6825 Planar Transducer. 

This horn has been designed as a no compromise design specifically for use in 3D printing. The design uses the full wrap-around ES curvature for both axis, as well as a vented rear chamber. The horn features phased slots in the throat to smooth out the frequency response. 

The rear chamber is vented and should be filled with polyfill (pillow stuffing). This has been found to provide the best sound quality.  You can cover the vents internally with bug screen. 

The backside of the horn fully locates the driver so there is no guessing when mounting to the driver. 

  • 500Hz Cutoff Frequency (Fc) 
  • Frequency Response 500Hz-20kHz 
  • Dimensions (Mouth): 334mm wide x 451mm tall (13.14" x 17.75")

Included Files (See below)