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Joseph Crowe

3D CAD files --- Horn No.1993 -- ES450 Biradial for SB Audience 65CDN-T 1.40"

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The horn achieves a 450Hz cutoff frequency (Fc). We recommend a crossover point in the 600Hz-800Hz region so that a standard 2nd order crossover slope can be achieved to match slopes with the low frequency driver's low pass function. 


  • 3D CAD files of upper and lower halves of horn (.iges and .STL format)
  • Designed for ease of CNC machine with draft angles for CNC cutter clearance 
  • 1.40" throat diameter 
  • Matched physical transition between horn and driver for smooth frequency response
  • Designed to minimize even and odd order acoustical reflections which smear time domain performance
  • Even off-axis coverage 
  • Good coverage in upper treble allow for 2-way applications 
  • Designed to work with the SB Audience 65CDN-T 
    • Can be used with other compression drivers sharing the same throat diameter and bolt pattern (1.40" throat with 101mm bolt spacing, M6 bolts)
    • Other compatible drivers:
  • Accommodates M6 diameter bolts x2 spaced 101mm apart 

The plans also include a 3D Model (Ref 1993-01-01-001.STL)  for a rear cover to replace the existing rear cover on the SB Audience 65CDN-T. The cover lowers distortion and lowers the fundamental resonance by about 15%.  The cover is an optional upgrade to the driver/horn combination. 

Below are the files included in the zipped folder which is emailed after ordering. 

The below assembly drawing is shown as an example system comprised of the 1993 horn along with the 1963 cabinet which is a 210L cabinet using the Altec 411 woofer. This configuration represents a reasonable setup where the off-axis coverage is perfectly matched at the crossover point. This creates an even power response into the room. 


 ES Biradial technology has virtually zero acoustical resonances which makes it devoid of any horn coloration. This unlocks the true sound quality potential of your compression driver, providing audiophile sound quality that is free from honkiness, shout, and harshness. 

Please see our guide on finding a CNC shop for local manufacture.