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Joseph Crowe

3D CAD Files for Speaker No.1159

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This product allows download of the 3D CAD Files for speaker No.1159.  This will allow 3D printing the front baffle and constructing the rest of the cabinet using manual woodworking methods.  Alternatively you may CNC machine the front baffle using the 3D CAD files for use in the CAM programming.  Please note you will require Computer Aided Machining (CAM) software to program your CNC machine.  Alternatively you could possible provide these files to a shop and have them machine the baffles for you.  Please note these files are for personal use only.  For commercial licensing please inquire.  By completing the transaction on this product page you will automatically receive the 3D CAD files via email as a zipped file.  


  • Front baffle 3D CAD file as .STL and .IGES 
  • Rest of the cabinet as an 3D CAD file  (.IGES File)
  • Speaker Stands 3D CAD File (.IGES File) 
  • Funds in USD currency 
  • File automatically emailed after purchasing 
  • PDF detail drawings for cabinet construction 
  • Electrical Schematic for passive crossover


  • 2-way using 1.5kHz crossover point
  • 29mm SB Acoustics dome tweeter (SB29RBNC)
  • Horn loaded dome tweeter using 2kHz cutoff frequency 


Frequency Response 

Impedance Curve 

Off Axis Polar Map