Athos Audio Limited Production Run of ES-600 Biradial Horns

Athos Audio Limited Production Run of ES-600 Biradial Horns

I’ve partnered with Athos Audio in Hungary to produce a limited run of ES-600 Biradial horns. This will save on shipping and eliminate import taxes for my European customers. Athos Audio now has four pair in stock ready to ship. I am also offering these horns at an additional 25% off my regular price. Athos did a great job on these horns and they look great!

I've created a custom product page on my site for the horns which can be found by clicking here. If you decide that you want to proceed with the order then you can complete the transaction right on the product page. I will then have Athos Audio fulfill the order and ship from his location in Hungary. 

  • Currently four pairs are now in stock at Athos Audio 
  • Horns ship from Athos Audio in Hungary to save on shipping costs vs shipping from here in Canada. This also saves on import taxes. 
  • Constructed in birch plywood and stained
  • 1.4” throat 
  • 102mm driver mounting bolt spacing (standard spacing) using M6 bolts 
  • Includes Speaker Plans No.1786 which includes 1815 plans (ES-600 Biradial version) 

Need a Turn-Key Build?

Check out speaker plan No.1815 which uses the ES-600 Biradial. Details for this speaker can be purchased here and are included with the purchase of the horns.

Frequency Response 

The frequency response shown above is with the RCF ND-940 compression driver without the optional wood rear cover. 

Horizontal Off-Axis Colored Polar Map 



  • Suitable drivers
  1.  RCF ND-650, ND-940
  2. SB Audience 65CDN-T
  3. Radian 745DPB, 745PB, or 745Neo
  4. TAD TD-4003
  5. B£C DE780TN 


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