System Design for Cameron

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  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • Syntripp style horn design based on customer concept
  • B&C DCX-464-8 
  • Multiple co-entrant mid bass drivers 
  • 100Hz Fc horn size (approximate)
  • 600Hz & 4kHz crossover points (horn only)
  • Horn designed for rigidity to minimize horn mechanical resonances 
  • Support structure designed for safety and ease of assembly/disassembly 
  • Nested flat layout for plywood sheets 
  • Model/design Keystone subwoofers 
  • Assembly and detail drawings 
  • 3D CAD files 


  • TBD 
  • Early stage concept November 10th (4 weeks)
  • Final design completion Jan 2021 (6 weeks)