Joseph Crowe

System Design Consult for Marc

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  • System design based on ES-290 Biradial 
  • Dual 10" Scanspeak Woofers flanked Horizontally (side by side) 
  • 150 Liter bass reflex cabinet tuned to 25Hz 
  • 93dB Sensitivity (4 ohm load) 
  • 450Hz and 8.5kHz crossover points 
  • BMS 4591 or Axi2050 midrange driver (TBD) 
  • Custom Fostex Super tweeter (Modified T96A) 
  • Lead time 4 weeks 
  • Assembly and detail drawings (.PDF drawings) for bass cabinet 
  • 3D CAD files (.STL and .iges format) 
  • Passive crossover design schematic 
  • Quote based on 16 hours of design time, extra hours billed separately. 





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