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System Design and Procurement for Vijay

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Below details out the proposed project scope and timeline:

  • All funds in CAD currency (1 CAD = 0.69 Euro approximately)
  • Lead time 4 weeks for drawings, 12 weeks for final shipment from order date. 

Bass Cabinet No.1867-01

  • Assembly and detail drawings (.PDF format)
  • Design based on front horn bass reflex cabinet No.1798
  • 3D CAD files (.iges format)
  • Change x1 woofer per cabinet to x2 woofers
  • Provide x4 total TAD TL-1601B woofers to customer's address 
  • Drivers shipped via FedEX commercial freight with other items associated with project 
  • Build test cabinet for evaluation purposes and crossover development  

Zato Style Horn No.1867-02

  • Custom designed Sato style horn for Lamar M2-16
  • Build test horn here in Canada for crossover development purposes
  • Assembly and detail drawings (.PDF format)
  • 3D CAD model (.iges)
  • Test data (Frequency response, distortion, burst decay)

Support Stand No.1867-03

  • Design support stand for Sato Horn No.1867-02 
  • Design support stand for Fostex T925A
  • Assembly and detail drawings (.PDF format) 
  • 3D CAD file (.iges format)


  • To be shipped to customer (India) 
  • x4 TAD TL-1601B (Custom ordered from Japan) 
  • x2 Lamar M2-16 Field Coil Compression Drivers (Custom ordered from Germany)
  • x2 Fostex T925A Bullet Style Super Tweeters 
  • Includes commercial shipping via FedEX
  • Items shipped in plywood shipping crate, 1" Styrofoam internal padding

Crossover Build

Project Cost and Terms 

  • Due to the large purchased items amount terms are 80/20 with balance due prior to final shipping 
  • Quote includes commercial shipping to India via FedEX 

Cost Breakdown 

Materials: --- $41,068.16 CAD 
Labour: --- $9,270.00 CAD 
Total: $48,896.16
Terms 80/20
Order deposit amount: $40,270.53 CAD
Balance due at shipping: $10,067.63 CAD
Lead time
Drawings: 4 weeks 
Final shipping: 12 weeks 
Payment Method Options
  • Wire transfer 
  • Transaction on this product page 
  • Cheque
  • Paypal 








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