Summer Rain Front Horn Flat Pack

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200Hz Front Horn Pair for 8" Driver 


The Summer Rain Flat Pack is a pair of horns broken down into panels for compact shipping.  The customer must finish assemble to horn by gluing the panels together.  The panels are CNC cut including the corner angles to form a clean join (see pictures).  Best practice is to tape the corners for gluing.  This horn requires intermediate wood working skills.  


The horn loads down to 200Hz where it can be crossed over to a large format bass cabinet.  Contact Joseph Crowe for bass cabinet options.  

The Horn can be used with an 8" driver either as a midrange horn or as a fullrange horn using a full range driver such as Voxitif, Lowther, or Fostex.  

The horn can be used in live sound reinforcement applications, home theater, or 2-channel music systems.  


For Assembly Drawings Click HERE.

Size: 22" x 22" x 21.36" (LxWxD) 559mm x 559mm x 542mm

Horn Type: Constant Directivity 

Material: 12mm Thick Baltic Birch Plywood 

Frequency Response: 200Hz - 20kHz*

*Upper cut-off depends on driver selection 

What's Included 

  • All panels required to assemble 1 pair of horns 
  • Assembly Instructions 

What's NOT included

  • A pair of 8" loudspeaker drivers 
  • Gaskets (shown in drawings) 
  • Wood Screws (shown in drawings) 
  • Acoustical stuffing material (Polyfill) for rear chamber 
  • Speaker Terminals and wiring