Speaker System No.1274 for Michael

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  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • Price is for one pair of speakers 
  • Bandwidth 80Hz-20KHz 
  • 16 ohm nominal impedance 
  • 112.7dB sensitivity (1W/1m 4volt RMS)

Crossover No.1274-X (Not included in the price, requires development) 

  • Separate enclosure removable from rear of 1108 mid-bass cabinet (birch plywood)
  • 80Hz, 300Hz, 4.5kHz crossover points
  • Initial crossover design established by acoustical and electrical measurement
  • Final tuning and component selection based on subjective listening/evaluation. 

  • Assumes use of Mundorf EVO capacitors and Solen air core indicators appropriately sized for low DCR
  • PTFE jacketed, silver plated OFC wire 
  • Soldering done with RMA liquid flux for proper intermetallic bonded solder joints.  

Mid-Bass Cabinet No.1108 

  • 80Hz F3 front horn 
  • Spiral horn path for compact size format 
  • Progressively expanding side walls to minimize standing waves 
  • Horn constructed from multiple layers of Baltic birch plywood 
  • Birch veneer side walls 
  • Solid birch top plate (walnut stripe) 
  • Dual 12” mid-woofers per cabinet (B&C 12PE32)
  • Reflex tuned rear chamber for critical damping below F3
  • Base plinth includes swivel and rigid caster wheels 
  • Rear cavity for passive crossover enclosure 
  • Solid birch hardwood grill frame 

ES-290 Biradial Horn No.1093

  • 300Hz Fc 
  • B&C DCX464 (16 ohm version) 
  • Custom designed for 1.4” throat 
  • Driver mounted directly to horn 
  • Custom rear cover concealing driver (birch plywood)
  • Material: Stacked Birch Plywood 
  • Custom walnut stripe running horizontal through middle of horn 
  • Stained with conversion varnish (satin finish) 
  • Top and bottom of horn veneered with 6mm thick walnut.  

Other inclusions 

  • Custom shipping crate 


  • Lead time 4 months 
  • Terms 40/40/20 (deposit, testing stage, shipping) 
  • $10,000 CAD + $10,000 CAD + $5,000 CAD = $25,000 CAD total 
  • Shipping costs extra