Speaker System for Mr. Armstrong

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  • Funds in CAD Currency 
  • Price is for one pair of speakers 

Nighthawk 1138 Pair 

  • Nighthawk 1138 front horn 
  • Scanspeak 10F/8424G Drivers 
  • Viawave Ribbon Tweeter 
  • Support bracket (to be designed) 
  • Hardwood (Customer Specified)
  • Clear varnish finish (Satin)

1274 Mid-Bass Horn Cabinet Pair 

  • x2 B&C 12PE32 per cabinet 
  • 24mm Baltic Birch Plywood 
  • 110Hz Low Frequency Cutoff (Fc) 
  • Top and bottom cap finished in hardwood 
  • Clear varnish finish (Satin)


  • Outboard crossover boxes (1 pair) 
  • Stacked 24mm birch plywood construction 
  • CMC-838-L-GU binding posts 
  • Mundorf EVO-oil capacitors 
  • Mundorf metal oxide resistors 
  • Solen Air Core inductors 
  • Point to point wiring 
  • PTFE jacketed OFC copper wire (silver plated) 
  • Liquid flux solder joints for proper intermetallic bond 

Delivery and setup included 

Payment Terms



$9,200 Deposit 

$9,200 Start of Build (Design complete)

$4,600 Due on Receipt  

Total: $23,000 CAD 

Lead Time:  4 months