Speaker Plans for ES-300 Front Horn

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Special Note (August 7, 2019): Added the following Files.  Previous customers will automatically get a download link with the new zipped filed.

  • 1059-ES-300-07.iges 3D Math File ---  Support Stand which raises the horn to accommodate a High Frequency horn below it.  (see Picture)
  • ES-300.iges 3D Math File -- This file is the entire ES-300 Horn 3D Math File to help support those that are machining the horn on a CNC machine.   For G-Code please email Joseph_crowe@josephcrowe.com 
  • All the other files contained in the zipped folder are unchanged. 

Special Note (July 11, 2019):  The bass cabinet shown in the picture is currently under development and will be released shortly.  It uses the Fostex FW208HS 8 woofer.  I've chosen the Fostex to keep brand consistency with the driver used in the front horn which is a Fostex FE126EN.  Stay tuned for future notices!


The ES-300 Front horn is a unique horn design offered by Joseph Crowe for the DIY Audio Hobbyist.  This horn utilizes the affordable and popular Fostex FE126En fullrange driver.  This horn is perfectly suited to front horn loading because of it's low QTS and high sensitivity. The horn provides good loading down to 300Hz and provides excellent extension up to 15 kHz.  The coverage pattern is relatively wide at 50 degrees even at 15kHz.  A passive crossover schematic is also included in the plans to further flatten the response and provide the high pass filter.  The unique Exponential Spiral (ES) horn flare features a complete wrap-around horn mouth which virtually eliminates edge diffraction.  The horn throat features an unusually wide angle of 40 degrees to also eliminate nasty throat resonances that has given horns the stigma of sounding "honky".  


  • Drawing package to fully build the ES-300 Front Horn 
  • Scale drawings which allow tracing the drawings onto the wood
  • Dxf files of all components for use in CNC cutting (optional) 

Purchase Process 

  • Click on 'Buy it Now'
  • Complete the Transaction 
  • You will receive an email link to download the zipped file containing all the files required to built the horn. 
  • Unzip and print the PDF drawings on 11x17 (Tabloid) size 
  • Use drawings to build the horns 

For questions please contact Joseph_Crowe@Josephcrowe.com 

Technical Details 


  • Constructed from various thicknesses of Baltic Birch Plywood 
  • Horn itself constructed of bent 3mm thick plywood that's supported by 12mm thick support rib behind each petal
  • 3mm thick plywood horn pedal is bent using a special process and fixture which is included in the plans 


  • 300Hz - 15kHz Bandwidth 
  • 100dB Sensitivity 
  • Wide coverage (50 degrees @ 15kHz) (see coloured polar map) 

Video showing bending fixture: