Speaker Design for Mr. Soylu

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  • Design Triple Planar Front Horn 
  • Integrated Dipole Subwoofers top/bottom 
  • Integrated Subwoofer Plate Amp
  • Facilitate physical space for crossover  
  • Assembly Drawings (PDF)
  • 3D math files for CNC cutting 
  • Design review video(s) as necessary 
  • Stacked layer construction 
  • Each layer dowel pinned for location 
  • Dowel pin holes used to hold workpiece during CNC
  • Flat Layout Nesting arrangement including hold down holes for excess material during cutting
  • Lead time 3 weeks 

Exclusions (can be quoted as extra) 

  • Crossover Design 
  • Individual part level detail drawings (assumes CNC cut from 3D math files) 
  • CAM program (G-code) 
  • Multiple variations of the product 
  • Rear Sealed Chamber