Speaker Design for Mr. Alva

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Project Scope 

  • Front baffle designs for both Transmission & Passive Radiator enclosures  including SB Acoustics 2.5” MD60N-6 midrange or not, to be in conjunction with  Purifi PTT6.5 & TW29 or 1 inch compression driver from BMS, which would integrate with both of the above enclosures
  • Includes design only 
  • CAM programming including G-Code Text Files for upload to CNC machine 
  • Extension in DWG, ART and STL, 2D & 3D detailed working drawing files
  • Apart from 30% over design, provision to accommodate 1/2" skived open cell polyethylene material as additional volume on all walls internally....which may or may not be used depending on listening tests
  • Technical support for CNC cutting such as minor program changes based on supplier setup.  
  • Prompt design changes through prototyping stage
  • Design changes outside this scope may incur extra hourly charges 
  • Lead time 3 weeks (or sooner)
  • Rear facing to be SB29RDNC-C000-4
  • Side firing midrange drivers in separate sealed chamber (clarification only) 
  • Internal acoustical diffusion panels added 
  • Speaker Grill design 
  • Can be assembled into finished cabinet (fasteners provided) 
  • Speaker stands with floor spikes (24mm bb plywood) 
  • Solid hardwood construction for enclosure (walnut) 
  • Solid one-piece baffle with rear mounted drivers (same as 1159)
  • Horn loaded tweeters (same as 1159) 
  • 8 pole Neutrik connectors