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Joseph Crowe

Prototype Horn for Yudson

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  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • Build x1 prototype horn for evaluation purposes 
  • Birch plywood construction 
  • Four stage horn flare construction to closely follow final version’s geometry
  • Acoustical and electrical measurements outdoors 2pii placement(flat ground with no nearby boundaries)
  • Full test results (frequency response, step response, horizontal off-axis, burst decay, CSD, step response, and harmonic amd intermodulation distortion at various SPL levels
  • Driver choice to be determined by Joseph Crowe to achieve optimal sound quality both objectively and subjectively. 
  • Overall horn dimensions 1116mm wide x 748mm tall x 1252mm deep (horn only depth) 
  • Rear sealed chamber that can be converted to aperiodic or vented for testing purposes. 

  • Horn remains property of Joseph Crowe Custom Audio Products 
  • Lead time 8 weeks for final test results 



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