Product Rendering Services by Joseph Crowe

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Joseph Crowe offers product rendering services where he will model your product in 3D CAD and provide photo-realistic images of your product with accurate appearance according to your product's construction materials and finishes.  Product renderings are used for promotional or advertising materials to help promote your product.  Rendering can also be used during the design stage to help with aesthetic choices regarding colour combinations, finishes, proportion or other types of design decisions. 

Process Walk-thru

  • Customer provides conceptual sketches, PDF drawings, or CAD files of their product 
  • We quote you on the cost to 3D model the product and provide photo-realistic renderings of your product. We create a custom product on our website for your project that details out exactly what the project scope includes.  If you would like to proceed simply click 'Add to Cart' and complete the transaction 
  • We develop the renderings working closely with you on your choice of background, lighting, camera angles etc. We then email you high resolution JPEG images along with any native CAD files we used to generate the model.  

Other Services 

  • With Joseph Crowe's extension background in Manufacturing Engineering we can also review your products overal design and provide feedback on any aspects of the design that may need to be improved.  
  • We can add specific details that are missing such as fasteners or wiring that often get missed. 
  • Provide professional detail drawings of your product 
  • Rendered Animation where we show movement of either the camera or the inner workings of your product.  
  • Mechanical, acoustical, or electrical simulation 

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