Planar Horn Speaker Design for Mr. Freeman

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Design work includes:

  • Custom Designed Planar Horn Speaker for BG Neo10/Neo8/Neo10 Configuration (see computer rendering) 
  • 150Hz-20kHz Bandwidth for planar horn 
  • Rear sealed chamber (3 cavity) with removable cover
  • Horn Dimensions 23.50" wide x 35.5" tall x 38" Deep 
  • Stacked layer construction, 22 Layers of 30mm Thick Baltic Birch Plywood 
  • Detail and Assembly drawings (PDF Format) 
  • Each layer doweled into location for easy glue-up/assembly 
  • Nested layout of each layer onto standard sheet of plywood for CNC machining (horn flare geometry is ball nosed machined onto each 30mm thick layer in one machining setup) 
  • 3D CAD model files (.iges file format) 
  • Bass enclosure design (to customer specification) 
  • Bass enclosure constructed using traditional methods (not stacked layer)
  • Lead time 1 week for completion 

Additional notes:

  • For personal use only (DIY).  For commercial licencing please inquire. 
  • Does not include crossover design (can be quoted separately)
  • Does not include G-Code for CNC programming (can be quoted separately)