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Joseph Crowe

Passive Crossover Build

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  • Funds in CAD Currency 
  • Outboard crossover enclosure build (left and right pair) 
  • High quality Solen Litz Inductors 
  • Mundorf Evo Oil Capacitors 
  • Silver coated wire (Teflon Jacketed) 
  • CMC 878-L binding posts x8 per side 
  • 24mm thick birch plywood enclosure 
  • Painted conversions varnish (Satin) 
  • 321mm wide x 321mm deep x 216mm high (left and right pair) 
  • Lead time 6 weeks 

Crossover Component List

Mid bass 300Hz (4th order) Low Pass 

MF Horn 300Hz  (1st order) High Pass 

MF Horn 3.2kHz (4th order) Low Pass 

HF 3.2kHz (4th order) High Pass 


Mid-bass High-Pass

L1615.0 15mH Air Core Inductor 

L168.2 8.2mH Air Core Inductor 

Evo Oil 56uF

Evo Oil 10uF


Mid Horn High Pass

Evo Oil 33uF 


Midrange Low-Pass

L161.3 1.3mH Air Core Inductor 

L16.75 0.75mH Air Core Inductor

Evo Oil 5.6uF Capacitor

Evo Oil 1.0uF Capacitor 

High Frequency High High pass

 L16.25 0.25mH Air Core Inductor 

L161.31.3mH Air Core Inductor 

Evo Oil 3.3uF Capacitor 

Evo Oil 6.6uF Capacitor 


Binding posts

 Qty: 16 total binding posts 


Terms 50/50 with balance due upon completion. 



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