On-Site Audiophile Consulting

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If you would like to discuss me coming to your home as an Audiophile Consultant please email me at Joseph_Crowe@josephcrowe.com
This allows me to acoustically measure the performance of your speakers including off-axis response, and get acoustical measurements on your room.  I can also listen to your music.  Often my clients will have a few songs that they use to evaluate certain aspects of the sound such as low level detail retrieval, timbrel accuracy with certain instruments, or sound-stage depth or width.  I can correlate these attributes to certain types of acoustical measurements such spectral decay, coloured polar maps, or impulse response.  Using acoustical measurement gets me 90% of the way towards my target performance goals.  The last 10% is done by ear since no measurement technology can match the human perception on what we find enjoyable, and more importantly what you find enjoyable.  It's partly why I started building my own speakers because I was able to create the sound that I liked.  But it does start with measurement of the overall system in the actual listing room.   Everything is about compromise as well.  Some Clients may prefer high directivity versus a wide coverage pattern because it offers a little more detail retrieval in the high's.  Others may opt for a very wide soundstage at the expense of some detail.  If at all possible I try to incorporate adjustability to allow experimenting or even on the fly changes for particular genre of musical styles.  For example choral music really benefits from a wide soundstage and a more lively acoustical room treatment plan.  Or the Singer/Songwriter genre you may want a more controlled room and more directivity with the speaker so that all the subtle nuance of the vocals are maintained.  
I recently did a consult where the client had one song from Santana that he used as his reference...the opening song has a lot of bells and cymbals and I knew exactly from there what he was after.  I brought a tweeter pod into his space and replaced it with the tweeter on his current speakers.  It only took us a few seconds of listening until we both knew it was the right direction to use the tweeter I had brought in to try.  I can do the same for you.  I can bring various tweeters with me and hook up to your system to test if you think there's an improvement.   I have the Beyma TPL150 and I can bring various horn attachments.  I have various tweeters either direct radiating or horn loaded as well.  These are all small enough to go in a suitcase.