Nebula Revised, Lotus Cabinet Design Update

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"Ok, so here's my idea--got it done much faster.

Attached is a DXF of the sketch items.
  1. So first, the baffle, is like a lotus flower with the top pedal missing: 
  2. The horn, is mounted proud of the baffle by maybe 2" give or take depending on time alignment (if looking at from the side) so the baffle hugs the horn like this
  3. Someplace around here if looking from the top:
  4. What we would do is slightly adjust the horn design to add some wood here:  to remove this lip: since the lip wouldn't be needed for mouting.
  5. It could be as easy as just filling in the areas with the blue lines:
  6. So it should be a matter of just adding the wood there.
  7. The midrange driver is mounted in a ring FROM THE FRONT that is 15" wide.  You'll see the wood ring through the baffle like an outline.  So the hole in the lotus baffle, is large enough so the ring can slide right through.  flush.  
  8. The ring could also be proud of the front baffle, to match what we end up being with the horn, to create that flower effect.  Here's an example of the driver from the top with a sketch of a ring around it that flares out like the center of a flower.
  9. this is a terrible drawing, not to scale, but if looking at the box from the top, you'll see the back box, inner ring where the drive is mounted, an outer thicker ring that has a 45 degree miter angle on it that comes proud of the baffle:
  10. the midrange box remains mostly the same but instead of using a slot port we use two triangular ports  Part of the front baffle blocks it, so it looks like they are peaking around the pedal
Let me know what you think!  If it looks good, all I'd need is to change the bottom ports to reflect two triangles instead of the slot port, and I can run a test with that and see how it sounds, then, manually time align the drivers and we can finish the final mechanical drawing for the entire thing.
The priority is the Sputnik CAM this way I can build that while we are working on this."
Original Nebula folder...
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