Mid-Bass Cabinets for Mr. Deane

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REV02 9/27/2021:  Product page price changed to $13,359.50 to reflect balance owing. 

REV01 -- $4,000 CAD was $15,472.00, terms adjusted to $4,000 CAD monthly until balance paid. 


  • Funds in CAD Currency 
  • Price is for one PAIR of mid-bass cabinets 
  • Spiral horn path and direct facing drivers for fast step response 
  • Stacked baltic birch plywood design, precision CNC cut 
  • Real walnut veneer for all outside panels including base plinth 
  • Dual 12" B&C mid-bass drivers in each cabinet (included) 
  • 109.3dB sensitivity 1watt/1m 
  • 80Hz low frequency cut-off 
  • Front Grill with solid hardwood frame 
  • Rear cavity for crossover 
  • Wood shipping crate fully padded with 1" foam 
  • Sealed driver chambers with surface machined outside shape (same as pictures)
  • Assumes using customer's DHL account 
  • Dimensions: 676mm Wide x 997mm high x 704mm Deep