Horn Plan No.1240 --- 80Hz Conical Mid-Bass Front Horn for B&C 12PE32

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These plans include the assembly and detail drawings to construct a nine petal front horn using the B&C 12PE32 Woofer.  This horn is constructed from 24mm thick baltic birch plywood and requires only manual woodworking tools to construct.  Plans will be automatically emailed to you after you complete the transaction on this product page. 


  • 80Hz low frequency cut-off 

  • Sealed rear chamber (40 liter) 

  • Removable rear cover on chamber 

  • Pattern control down to 340Hz -6dB downpoint 90 degree coverage 

  • 110dB Sensitivity (1w1m 2.83v) 

  • Assumes 1 pi space (room boundary includes only rear wall) for target frequency response 


  • Horn Mouth: 911mm Diameter (35.8")

  • Horn Length: 1025mm (40.4") 

  • Overall Length: 1372mm (54")


  • Assembly and Detail Drawings (.PDF Format) 
  • 3D CAD File (.iges format) 

Please inquire for custom design work.