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Joseph Crowe

Horn No.1208 —- Biradial for Viawave GRT-145-8

Support Stand and Rear Foam
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The 1208 horn is a special horn designed to work with the Viawave GRT-145-8. The 1208 Horn is built to order and can be customized for other ribbon type tweeters including planar.  We can also supply the drivers and do crossover design for an extra charge.  
Technical Drawing click HERE.
The original blog post featuring the first project can be found HERE


  • Funds in CAD Currency 
  • Price is for one pair of horns 
  • Solid Walnut Hardwood (Pictures are shown in mahogany)
  • 1.2kHz Fc 
  • Precision CNC machined and stained  
  • Lead time 5 weeks
  • Support stand and rear foam (optional) 


  • Support Stand (can be quoted)
  • Rear Foam (can be quoted) 

Off-Axis Performance 

The 1208 horn drastically improves the off-axis performance providing much wider coverage in the upper treble and also controlling the coverage in the midrange so that it matches the power response into the room.  This drastically improves the natural sound of instruments giving them better musical timbrel accuracy.  Edge diffraction is completely eliminated with the 1208 horn which improves transient detail.  

How it’s made video click here.  



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