Horn Construction for Mr. Alva

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March 30, 2020 REV 02

Cherry was Walnut, price reduced from $17,000 CAD to $15,000 CAD 

REV00 Below...

Construct dipole horn for ER IV ESL Panels x3 (Stacked vertically)


  • Funds in CAD Currency 
  • Horn made from kiln dried walnut hardwood 
  • Baltic birch plywood for horn support frame 
  • Horn segments stacked vertically and bolted together
  • Designed for vertical stack  x3 ESL IV panels
  • Wood Frame for holding ESL Panels 
  • Wood Base Plinth 
  • Transformer Box 

    Each Petal Section 

    • 24 sections per horn (96 sections total)
    • Each section 2” thick with backside pilot holes for wood screw assembly.  
    • Consists of vertical straight sections, corner pieces (left/right), top/bottom straight pieces.
    • Curved surface is machined using ball nose cutter for smooth accurate finish. 
    • Ball nose cutter finished to 0.005" scallop height.  Requires sanding for perfectly smooth finish. (palm sander using 220 grit working up to 600 grit) 

      Not Included

      • Shipping 
      • Grill Fabric 
      • Sanding or staining 
      • Bug Screen 
      • Terminal plates