Custom Wood Horns and Drawing Package for Mr. Garriques

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2kHz Circular ES Walnut Wood Horns

  • 1" Throat 
  • 170mm diameter x 45mm deep 
  • Accomodates standard driver mounting hole pattern (76mm BCD x M6 screws) 
  • ES Curvature 
  • Full wrap around mouth lip with recessed backside 
  • Recessed backside pocket for 30ppi open cell foam to absorb backwave 
  • Stained with Danish oil (x3 coats) 
  • Does not include drivers 


Drawing Package 

  • PDF and 3D CAD Files to allow manufacture for the below items...
  • Summer Rain Midrange Horn 
  • Main Support structure 
  • Tilting Assembly for HF horn 
  • Sealed 12" Mid-Bass Cabinet