Flat Pack Speaker Cabinet for Mr. Patrick

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    This product is a previous project that I quoted for a customer.  I’ve left it here to show the type of services that I offer.  If you would like a quote on something similar please contact me.


    REV03 September 26, 2019


    • Drivers (woof, tweet, rad) 
    • Crossover design and construction 
    • Cabinet Construction minus veneer 
    • Flat walnut baffle with radius edges (no tweeter pod) 
    • All measurements (Frequency Response, coloured polar maps etc.) 
    • Revised Terms (75% down, balance due at shipping)
    • $300 credit for crossover components (actual cost adjusted for balance of payment) 
    • Price is for PAIR of speakers
    • Funds in CAD
    • 18mm thick was 12mm thick BB plywood: Overall dimensions changed to 200mm wide x 325mm high x 250mm deep WAS  185 wide x 300mm high x 250mm deep. 
    • REV03 drawing click here
    • Total price $---

    REV02 September 24, 2019

    • Solid Walnut Front Baffle 
    • Offset tweeter for time-alignment 
    • Tweeter pod for reduced edge diffraction for improved off-axis performance and better spectral burst decay (time domain aspect) 
    • Baffle CNC Machined using ball nose cutter for smooth finish
    • 18mm thick Baltic Birch Plywood 

    REV01 Shown Below 

    • Price is for one pair of cabinets 
    • Price in Canadian funds 
    • Custom flat pack made from 12mmthick baltic birch plywood 
    • Recessed driver mounting holes for flush finish 
    • Side Firing Passive Radiators 
    • Simulated in WinISD for 36Hz tuning (see attached WinISD file) 
    • Full assembly and detail drawings (see attached preliminary PDF)
    • Dado joinery for easy glue-up and accurate fitment 
    • CNC machined for precision 
    • Pilot holes for driver mounting screws 

    Utilizes the following drivers: