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Joseph Crowe

Existing Inventory- Horn No.1670 ES-290 Biradial in Oak

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We made these horns for inventory and are ready to ship.  Made from oak, stained with a cherry shade, sprayed with flat varnish for protection.  please contact for a shipping quote.

These horns are made for a 2.0” (50.8mm) throat compression driver.  The driver mounting holes will be installed after ordering to ensure it matches your driver.  The standard hole c/c spacing is 4.00” (101.6mm) using 6mm diameter bolts.  We recommend the BMS 4591 or B&C DCM420 midrange compression drivers for their smooth sound character.  For wide bandwidth coverage we also suggest the BMS 4590 or B&C DCX-462.
The rear of the horn extends out as a plank to support the option of a high frequency driver.  This ensures physical time alignment of the mid and high frequencies, which is critical for good sound quality. 
We also have a number of suitable high frequency horn/driver combinations that can sit on top. 

The ES-290 Biradial Horn is a direct competitor to the classic Yuichi A-290.  The ES-290 takes all that's great about the much loved A-290 and improves many aspects to it's overall performance.

Modern ES-290 Flare Geometry 

Classic A-290 Flare Geometry 

The complete wrap-around geometry drastically reduces edge diffraction off the horn mouth.  This improves time domain performance such as spectral burst decay for lower noise floor, improved high frequency detail retrieval, and off-axis performance. 

No Throat Adapter

The traditional throat adapter from round to square has been eliminated.  This transition now occurs over the entire depth of the horn which provides a very smooth physical transition.  Also, the horn throat angle is matched to the compression driver for a smooth transition between driver and horn. 

No Dispersion Fins 

Superior off-axis performance is achieved by virtue of the ES Flare geometry eliminating the need for dispersion fins. 


  • Solid oak
  • CNC Machined for Precision 
  • Clear flat Varnish stain 


  • Good loading down to 400Hz
  • ES Horn Flare Geometry
  • 2" Throat
  • Cost is per PAIR 
  • Funds in CAD currency
  • $4,500.00 CAD per PAIR 


Turn-key speaker build...

The ES-290 can be incorporated into a turn-key build as shown in the picture below.  Various bass cabinet and crossover configurations are available.  



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