ES-Unity Horn for Mr. Tavan

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  • Funds in CAD Currency 
  • Price is for one pair of horns 
  • Turn-key build (excluding bass cabinet) 
  • Conversion varnish finish, satin 
  • Solid kiln dried walnut hardwood for all components 
  • Unity design (co-entrant) 
  • CNC machined horn for precision fit 
  • Viawave GRT-145W-8 Pure Ribbon  x1 per horn 
  • ScanSpeak 10F/8424 Midrange x2 per horn 
  • Throat adapter with channel vanes for midrange (hardwood) 
  • Rear sealed chamber on midrange drivers (hardwood) 
  • Throat adapter for Viawave (Delrin Plastic) 
  • Support stand (structure) for horn to sit on top of bass cabinet 
  • Hard rubber feet on support stand (or other if specified)

Bass Cabinet (Design Only)

  • Bass cabinet drawings (PDF, assembly and part detail) 
  • Bass cabinet design to suit customer's driver 
  • Trapezoidal shape for corner placement 


  • Designed and built for MF & HF 
  • Mounted to birch plywood, zip tied and hot glued components 
  • Silver coated OFC copper wire with PTFE jacket material (Teflon) 
  • Mundorf EVO Oil Aluminum Capacitors 
  • Mundorf Metal Oxide resistors 
  • Air Core Inductors 
  • Solder point to point with liquid flux for proper intermetallic bond 


  • Horn sensitivity: 99dB@1watt (8 ohm 2.83v, 1m) 
  • Low Frequency Cutoff 300Hz 
  • Crossover points 450Hz & 1.5kHz 
  • Maximum SPL 119dB (1% THD limited, 1m, x1 horn) 


  • Includes shipping
  • Regular parcel x2

Lead Time 

  • 12 weeks 

Costing and Terms 

Total Cost: $10,960.00 CAD

Payments terms: 40/40/20  

Payment 1 of 3 initial order deposit ($4,384.00 CAD) 

Payment 2 of 3 design completion deposit  ($4,384.00 CAD) 

Payment 3 of 3 prior to shipping ($2,192.00 CAD)