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Joseph Crowe

ES-800 Bi-Radial Wood Horn with Crossover Development for Mr. Morrison

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Custom quote for Mr. Morrison

In addition to the below, this project also includes

  • Develop passive crossover between 10" midrange cabinet and ES-800 Biradial
  • Uses RCF ND350 compression driver 
  • Electrical schematic including bill of material 
  • Crossover build can be quoted after design is complete 
  • Resulting test data (frequency response, step response, burst decay, IMD) 
  • Cost $440 CAD total (8hrs @ $55/hr) 
  • Total cost including below: $440 + $2,000 = $2,440.00 CAD Total 
  • Lead time on horns 2 weeks 
  • Crossover Development 2 weeks after completion of horns

Custom Built-to-Order Wood Horn 

  • ES (Exponential Spiral) flare geometry 
  • Price is 'Per Pair' in Canadian Funds 
  • Wrap-around horn mouth 
  • Outrigger support legs (solid hardwood)
  • Rubber Feet 
  • Precision CNC cut 
  • Constructed from solid hardwood
  • Sanded and finish stained 
  • Crossover Design service available (Please contact)

Drawing click here


  • Provides good loading down to 800Hz 
  • 297mm Wide x 120mm High x 146mm Deep 
  • 1" Throat 
  • Hole Mounting for TAD 2001 Compression Driver
  • Can be used with other Compression Drivers (Please Contact
  • Flat frequency response for easy crossover development (see Frequency response in puctures)
  • Well behaved off-axis polar response (see horizontal and vertical coloured polar maps in pictures).
  • Exotic hardwood stripe extra cost 
  • Acoustical measurements shown are with the B&C DE400TN compression driver.  




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