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Joseph Crowe

ES-600 Biradial for DAS K-8

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 The file formats provided are .STL and .iges. 

Click here for more details on the ES-600 biradial size format. 

Files included in purchase:

3D CAD Files 

  • ES (Exponential Spiral) flare geometry 
  • Specifically design for the DAS K-8
  • 2” diameter throat 
  • Rear extension for time aligned super tweeter 
  • Minimizes center to center distance for super tweeter for better coherency 
  • Wrap-around horn mouth 
  • Allows Precision CNC cut or 3D Printing 
  • Horn model consists of top/bottom half. Top and bottom are different files and slightly different design. 
  • Bottom half bolts to top half with screws the come up through the bottom (See photos) 
  • Bass cabinet and/or crossover design service available (Please contact)

Included Files (Automatically Emailed after purchase) 

  • Iges and STL files for horn 
  • PDF Drawings (not fully dimensioned) 

Full Model Shown Below 



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