E-80 Mid-Bass Front Horn Speaker Plans

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Special Note: Need a different size horn? 

For $45.00CAD we can customize the plans to your specific needs such as making the horn basically any size or a different number of petals.

Contact: Joseph_Crowe@Josephcrowe.com.

Drawing Plan Package for E-80 Mid-Bass Front Horn 

This drawing package includes all the assembly and detail drawings required to build the E-80 Mid-Bass Front Horn.  This horn is a simple construction that can easily be built on a regular table saw assuming you know how to do compound angles.  A table saw "sled" can be used to help with the compound angles.  This Nine Petal horn features three segments to create the exponential horn flare.  Loading is achieved down to 80Hz and extends up to 640Hz.   The sealed rear chamber can accommodate any driver between 8" up to 12" diameter.  

For overall size dimensions click Here.


  • 15mm Baltic Birch Construction 
  • 15cm (6" Dia.) Horn Throat 
  • 127cm (50" Dia) Horn Mouth 
  • 103cm (40") Horn Length 
  • 19 Liter Sealed Rear Chamber 
  • Pattern Control 90 Degrees, -6dB 315Hz 
  • Construction assumes manual methods (does NOT require CNC) 
  • Does not require Bending the wood 
  • Simple Construction for intermediate woodworking skill 

Purchase Includes 

  • PDF Assembly and Detail Drawings