E-350 Nighthawk Front Horn

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Preliminary -- Coming Soon! 

  • Unique design exclusive to Joseph Crowe


  • x6 4" midrange drivers per horn (Faital 4FE32)
  • x1 1" compression driver per horn (RCF ND-350)
  • 2.8kHz crossover point 
  • Frequency Response 350Hz - 20kHz 
  • 130dB SPL maximum output @ 1 meter per horn 
  • Overall size (see drawings) 
  • Ported rear chamber 
  • 90 degree horizontal off-axis coverage across bandwidth 
  • Made from stacked layers of Baltic Birch Plywood, stained with tough conversion varnish satin clear. 

Special Notes 

  • Appearance may changes slightly as design is optimized