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Joseph Crowe

E-250 Dual Planar Front Horn (Autumn Series)

Wood Material
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Product Description 

  • Solid Hardwood Horns (one pair)
  • Sold as a finished product 
  • Must be assembled by customer 
  • Choice of hardwoods including solid walnut 



The BG Neo8 Planar transducer is highly regarded due to it's excellent sound quality.  This Joseph Crowe exclusive design expands the performance of the Neo8 by installing two drivers into a front horn.  

Key Benefits of Horn Loading the Neo8:

  • Higher Sensitivity 
  • Higher Maximum SPL
  • Lower Distortion 
  • Controlled directivity 
  • Wider Bandwidth (200Hz-20kHz)

 Technical Drawing Click HERE.


The E-250 is ideally suited for 2-channel high quality music playback systems where the highest sound quality is required.  This horn provides true time coherent point source sound.  Unrivaled by any direct radiating counterpart, the E-250 will produce a near flat power response creating very accurate timbre for instruments and vocals.  


  • 1 pair of horns 
  • Support Stand 
  • Rear Chamber 
  • Drivers NOT included 


  • 250Hz lower Cutoff
  • Broad 90 degree coverage up to 10kHz 
  • 98dB@1 watt Sensitivity 
  • 100watt power handling 

 Construction Procedure 

  1. Assemble horn using provided wood screws 
  2. Install and wire up drivers (Not Included)
  3. Enjoy 

Suggested Crossover Schematic Included however it is recommended to go fully active using the analogue active 2-way crossover from Xkitz.  Please specify a 200Hz crossover point when ordering from Xkitz. 



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