E-250 Dual Planar Front Horn (Autumn Series)

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This product includes all wood materials to construct one PAIR of front horns. The pieces are shipped as a Flat Pack (disassembled).  The customer must finish assemble the horn.  All prices are in Canadian Funds.

The Dual Planar Front Horn covers from 250Hz to 15kHz using a dual planar transducers (BG Neo8) or equivalent LM8K from Radian Audio.  This product ships as a flat pack consisting of seventeen layers of 18mm thick baltic birch plywood.  


The E-250 is ideally suited for 2-channel high quality music playback systems where the highest sound quality is required.  This horn provides true time coherent point source sound.  Horn loading the planar drivers expands upon an already world class transducer by increasing it's sensitivity and bandwidth with the front horn.  Unrivaled by any direct radiating counterpart, the E-250 will produce a near flat power response creating very accurate timbre for instruments and vocals.  This front horn is not suitable for live sound reinforcement due to the overall power handling limitations. 


  • Stacked 18mm Baltic Birch Plywood instead of bent plywood.   
  • Locating pins for each layer 
  • Surface machine horn flare for smooth finish
  • Support Stand 
  • Dual Neo8 
  • 250Hz lower Cutoff
  • Curved Horn Walls 
  • Broad 90 degree coverage up to 10kHz 
  • 98dB@1 watt Sensitivity 
  • 100watt power handling 
  • All panels CNC cut for precision quality 

 Construction Procedure 

  1. Install 3/16" diameter dowels into each layer with a hammer
  2. Apply wood glue to each layer 
  3. Assemble horn and apply pressure while wood glue cures. 
  4. Sand and Finish Stain 

CNC Cutting the Flat Pack...