Joseph Crowe

Driver testing for Jason

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Quote REV01 November 27, 2021

  • Faital HF108R on ES-2000 Biradial ($175 CAD) 

Quote REV00 November 03, 2021 


  • Funds in CAD currency
  • Provide acoustical and electrical test data on various drivers on various horns 
  • Provide Frequency, step, and impedance response
  • Burst decay
  • Intermodulation distortion using ten band multi-tone signal at 90dB, 95dB, 100dB SPL A weighted, 1m mic distance.  

  • Drivers to test are:
  • BMS 4590 on ES-290 Biradial ($175 CAD)
  • Faital HF146R on ES-600 Biradial ($175 CAD) 
  • Faital HF108R on ES-800 Biradial ($175 CAD) 
  • Faital HF108R on ES-1200 Biradial ($175 CAD) 
  • Lead time 2 weeks




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