Detail Drawings for 500Hz CD Horn For ESS HEIL AMT1

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Custom Quote for Mr.Wallander


  • Design custom 2-way horn speaker 
  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • Full dimensional drawings emailed as PDF 
  • 3D CAD Files (.iges or other format) 
  • 500Hz CD Horn design utilizing ESS HEIL AMT1
  • 13.50" Wide x 12.00" High x 6.75" Deep (for HF horn only) 
  • For personal use only (DIY), not to be used for commercialization 
  • Mid-Bass Horn Flare Wings Design (see example photo) 
  • Mid-Bass horn design constructed from stacked layers of plywood 
  • Single or dual woofer design 


  • Customer to ship one ESS HEIL AMT1 driver for measurement 


  • Crossover Design