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Quote REV01 October 25, 2021

  • Slot ports 
  • Removable front and rear baffles
  • Metal threaded inserts retained on backside of plywood 
  • Baffle does not install on cabinet walls, but installed on internal bars of wood 
  • Slot ports can be covered to form a sealed enclosure

Quote REV00 below (completed)

Bass cabinet design Includes:

  • Funds in CAD currency
  • 3D CAD model (.iges, .step format) 
  • Assembly and detail drawings (PDF format) 
  • Low frequency extension: TBD 
  • Sensitivity: TBD
  • Drivers selection and size: TBD 
  • Cabinet configuration: Onken 
  • Simulated data graphs for frequency response, impedance curve, diaphragm displacement, maximum power handling, port velocity, group delay 
  • Photo realistic render images (.jpeg format) 
  • Lead time 3 weeks 




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