Design for Mr. Sherland

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  • Funds in CAD currency
  • Cabinet drawing (PDF)
  • Lead time 6 weeks
  • In-wall monitor design 
  • Crossover design development 
  • Order x2 Dayton Audio RS225-8 (aluminum cone version) $60 USD Each (to be paid separately) 
  • Customer to ship Neo3 and Neo3 PDR planar transducers 
  • Full acoustical and electrical measurement 
  • Electrical schematic 
  • Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Suggested component brands and part numbers 
  • Build test enclosure 
  • Rig up test crossover to confirm performance 
  • Test results (frequency response) 


  • Cost of Dayton Audio RS225-8 drivers 
  • Cost of shipping from Parts Express including brokerage and duty 
  • Physical cabinet 
  • Cost if shipping drivers to customer 

 Payment Terms 

  • $324 + 244 = $568 CAD total (initial deposit + balance due upon completion)