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Joseph Crowe

Design for Mr. Karni --- 2-way Monitor

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Design fee to customize ES-Biradial horn technology 


  • Funds in CAD currency
  • 3D CAD model (.iges, .step format) 
  • Assembly and detail drawings (.PDF format)
  • Lead time 6 weeks 
  • Front Baffle Design based on ES-600 Biradial 
  • 1.4” throat for HF (Radian c/w Beryllium)
  • 12” ScanSpeak Low Frequency Transducer 
  • 24Hrs @ $55CAD/Hr = $1,320.00 CAD 
  • Horn sizes, physical driver positions, orientations, and horn flare geometry (ES Biradial technology) licensed as non-exclusive 
  • Driver brand and model numbers licensed as exclusive




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