Joseph Crowe

Custom Speaker Build for Mr. Vlachos

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  • Funds in CAD currency
  • Design and build custom speaker system (x1 pair of speakers) 
  • Methodical approach to establish system design parameters (Room acoustics, associated amplifier(s), listening level SPL, listening distance)
  • Speaker consists of 12" ScanSpeak Woofer 24Hz bass extension 
  • 600Hz Biradial horn (1.4" throat, 65mm voice coil compression driver) 
  • 4kHz Biradial horn (1" throat, 44mm voice coil compression driver)
  • 90dB Sensitivity minimum 
  • 24mm baltic birch plywood cabinet construction with reinforcement 
  • Solid hardwood front baffle (walnut unless otherwise specified) 
  • Hypex DSP plate amp (FA503) rear mounted 
  • Total cost for pair of speakers $15,000 CAD
  • Terms 40/40/20 (initial deposit, design complete, ready to ship)
  • Shipping and packaging material costs extra (if required) 
  • Lead time 4 months 







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