Custom ES-460 Ultra-Wide Biradial Horn for Mr. Munyon

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  • Designed and built to customer specification 
  • Horn throat angle matched to Altec 802-8G Compression Driver 
  • 1" Throat for wide upper treble off-axis coverage pattern 
  • Mounting holes to accommodate threaded studs or hex bolts from driver 
  • Multi-Layer Baltic Birch Plywood Construction 
  • Tough conversion varnish stain (clear satin unless specified otherwise) 
  • 460Hz Fc  (low frequency cutoff) 
  • Bass cabinet design including assembly and detail drawings 
  • 3D CAD Files for Bass Cabinet Assembly (iges file format) 
  • Nested layout of bass cabinet panels on standard sheet of plywood (iges file format)  This is used  to support CNC Manufacture 
  • Short 20cm high speaker stand design including assembly and detail drawings