Design for Mr. Lau

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  • To be mated to the JBL 476be compression driver with 1.5” throat. matched to throat angle
  • If possible, please attempt to omit the visible screws holes on the top of the horn.
  • DO include the rounded leading edge of the horn mouth as part of the geometry.
  • DO NOT round over the other edges.
  • Widen the rear of the horn where the compression driver mounts to 8” wide. (See attached photo)
  • Bevel the top of the horn to slope downwards to come 1/4” away from the compression driver (Attached photo shows the bevel meeting the driver) The driver’s diameter is 6-9/16”.
  • The drivers mounts using 4 bolts in an “X” pattern and are spaced 3.25” across
  • Stained with conversion varnish (outsourced) 

Cabinet Design Review 

  • Review cabinet design (including reflex alignment tuning) and provide any suggestions or advice. 

Crossover Design 

  • Use customer provided .zma and .frd files to provide crossover schematic
  • Provide product links for all components including recommended capacitor brands based on extensive listening tests. 
  • Provide L-pad matrix chart to adjust HF level to listener preference.