Custom Built Speaker Inspired by JBL 4350 Studio Monitor

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This product is a previous project that I quoted for a customer.  I’ve left it here to show the type of services that I offer.  If you would like a quote on something similar please contact me.



The 1087 was originally developed for a client that had all the drivers for the much coveted JBL 4350 Studio Monitor. 

Rather than simply copy the original 4350 cabinet design I decided to take things a step further by horn loading the 12"  2202H in a 200Hz front horn.  What are the benefits to horn loading the lower midrange?  Reduced distortion by 9dB since the driver isn't working as hard to produce the same output, higher maximum SPL, and most importantly pattern control into the lower midrange which improves the overall power response, and interaction with early side wall reflections in your listening room.  The sound becomes more forceful and dynamic.  

Below is the original project scope.  For inquiries please Email

1087-01 Bass Cabinet 

  • Design and Build double 15" Bass Cabinet
  • Accommodates JBL 2231H 15" woofers 
  • Includes glue-up assembly 
  • 18mm Thick Baltic Birch Construction 
  • Front and rear baffle double layers thick 
  • Base plinth consisting of double layer 18mm thick 
  • Bottom slot port 
  • 35" wide x 22" tall x 22" deep 
  • 250 liter volume 
  • Does not include sanding or finish stain 

1087-02 Midrange Horn 

  • Design and build 200Hz exponential Front Horn for use with JBL 2202H or B&C 12PE32 Mid-Bass Driver 
  • Sealed Rear Chamber 
  • Construction 15mm Baltic Birch Plywood 
  • Support Stand screwed to top of bass cabinet (1087-01)
  • 35" wide x 22" tall x 17" deep (horn only) 
  • Does not include sanding or staining 

1087-03 High Frequency Horn 

  • Design and Build Biradial Wood Horn 
  • High Frequency Horn for JBL 2426H Compression Driver (or B&C DE400TN, RCF ND-350) (800Hz - 18kHz) 
  • Based on ES-800 Biradial 
  • Constructed of stacked layers of Baltic Birch Plywood 
  • 12" wide x 6" tall x 6" deep (horn only) 
  • Includes sanding and staining 

1087-04 Crossover 

  • Design & Build Passive Crossover
  • Based on actual acoustical and electrical measurement 
  • Mechanical detail drawings including Bill of Material 
  • Electrical Schematic with Actual as-measured Frequency Response 
  • Off-Axis coloured polar map of actual response 

Shipping Extra

Construction Lead Time: 2-3 Months